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Advance @ Trinity  

Career Program 

With Trinity Consultants, you can advance your career in the direction you want, at the pace you want. The amount of effort you put into executing projects, stewarding client relationships, and improving your skills are key factors that will determine the rate at which you advance. Trinity will support you every step of the way with training, mentorship, and advancement opportunities. The Career Program is flexible in order to meet your needs and the new markets, new methods, and new technologies you will encounter, giving you the freedom to ambitiously pursue your career goals and become a successful professional consultant. 

The Trinity Consultants Career Program provides the organizational foundation on which the careers of our consulting employees are built and nurtured. It provides a roadmap for the development of consultants’ careers and their capabilities, and is a common framework within the organization to aid in communication regarding job positions and responsibilities and levels of competencies associated with those positions. 

The Program is founded on the core values of the organization and was developed with Trinity’s culture and business needs in mind. The Career Program model gives the consultant the means to strategically pursue their career goals. It promotes growth, both vertically and horizontally, allowing the consultant to focus on what interests them most. Whether it is hands-on technical work, project leadership, business development, or combinations of these and other skills, increasing the level of experience creates greater opportunities for the consultant. 

Trinity’s Career Program, as illustrated on the Career Program Chart, comprises the following elements.

Consultant Grades

Grades define the non-specific delivery components of a consultant’s capabilities (i.e., those not unique to or primarily associated with the career channel they are in). These general business attributes are characterized by interpersonal skills, presentation skills, general management, leadership, communication, and business capabilities.

Career Channels

Listed along the top bar of the model, these six broad categories represent the career development focus areas that range from hands-on technical positions to leadership-oriented positions. Consultants have the freedom to remain in one channel or to expand across multiple channels, but will be assigned to only one channel at any time.

Achievement Levels

With one or two levels per grade, these incremental steps define the increasing degree of competency within a channel and provide milestones for each level of progression.

Roles and Responsibilities

The individual is accountable for the ownership of their career development. The individual and their manager share the responsibility for planning and executing career development activities. Together, they should understand the career paths available at Trinity, and formulate an approach that will aid the individual in achieving their career goals while supporting the company’s strategic direction and embracing the company values.    

Career Path Chart

Career Program chart

Ranging from 55 (entry level) to 61 (most senior), the grades listed along the left side of the model delineate the consultant’s overall career progression and help ensure that the consultant is rewarded similarly as those performing work of equal complexity, regardless of what career channel they are in.  

Career Channel Descriptions   

Delivery Support

Career path associated with supporting the development of environmental, health, and safety deliverables and solutions for clients.

Subject Matter Expert

Career path associated with the development and application of high-level expertise in specific environmental, health, and safety disciplines acquired through focused study and work over long stages of a career in particular subject matter areas.

Regional Operations Management

Career path associated primarily with management and operations focus in a particular geographic region. This career path also has a strong focus on sales, technical project management, and client management within the assigned geography.

Business Development

Career path associated with utilizing both technical and organizational knowledge to represent the array of Trinity services and business lines in the pursuit of new business opportunities with prospective and existing clients.

Business Line Management

Career path associated with management and operations of an industry sector, non-traditional service, or other focused business initiative that has broad regional, national, or global reach.

Project/Account Management

Career path associated with project and/or client management in a particular geographic region or service area (e.g., industry, regulatory program, technical solutions).