Health, Safety, & Environmental Policy

Trinity Consultants, Inc. (Trinity) is committed to the health and safety of our employees and the protection of the environment. Effective Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) protection in our business is every employee's responsibility for every activity that is conducted in our workplace or while at client facilities. 
Trinity’s HSE policy comprises several foundational commitments.

  • Compliance with all regulations and contractual obligations governing HSE requirements at the job site
  • Expedient action to correct or isolate unsafe conditions or work practices
  • Employee accountability for role-related HSE requirements
  • Reasonable effort to assure that employees can accomplish assigned tasks safely and with no harm to the environment
  • Activities to enhance workers’ awareness and participation of HSE requirements
  • Ongoing monitoring and improvement of the HSE management system

As an employer, Trinity recognizes its responsibility for the health and safety of its employees in the workplace. Trinity commits to support every reasonable action to ensure the protection of employees while at the assigned workplace. Similarly, Trinity will make every effort to ensure that all external persons working with Trinity are protected from injury and/or occupational disease. Trinity will monitor our workplace and without exception, will require all persons at our workplace to work in a safe manner and take every action reasonable to eliminate the risk of personal injury or injury to others.

The management of Trinity expects every employee to be aware of and work in full compliance with relevant HSE regulations. Trinity will supply and/or provide the resources necessary to attend educational programs as needed to ensure that staff maintain an understanding of HSE regulations and best practices as applicable to the workplace. In addition, every employee must be aware of and comply with project specific HSE requirements as determined from time to time, such as those that may apply as certain industrial sites.

Trinity requires every employee and contractor to take ownership of his or her own health and safety by working in compliance with both the law and according to safe work practices and procedures established by clients. While working at a client’s site, all Trinity project team members assigned to the project will comply with the client’s HSE policy and procedures. External contractors retained by Trinity must have a HSE policy consistent with Trinity’s and the client’s policy and provide a copy to Trinity prior to start of work. Contractors must work in accordance to the most stringent requirements set out in a policy or program, whether it be the contractor’s, the client’s, or Trinity’s HSE requirements.

Trinity management is fully committed to the requirements and the spirit of this HSE plan and to continual improvement of our HSE performance.