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Addressing Oil & Gas Environmental Regulatory Requirements

Trinity Can Help

Trinity can assist with OOOOa compliance in several areas:

LDAR Plan Training and Development. A one-day training session will educate staff on what goes into conducting surveys and how your company may need to modify existing programs to meet the requirements. This will help operators clearly understand the requirements, while also developing a monitoring plan that meets the requirements of the regulation.

OGI Survey Training and Support. Trinity has certified thermographers available to train internal or external resources on surveys and associated recordkeeping. We work with operators to understand the nuance of OGI surveys such as common vents that should not be monitored (or considered "leaking").

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Trinity's Digital Solutions Offerings for Oil & Gas Operators

Trinity knows how much the world has changed when it comes to data management and environmental compliance. Over the last 20 years, Trinity's Technology Team, formerly known as T3 and now Digital Solutions team, has developed innovative technology-enabled solutions to support clients' EHS programs. With exceptional expertise in regulatory requirements, information technology, and industry best practices, Trinity is ideally suited to provide cost-effective solutions to your EHS data management challenges. We help organizations analyze, plan, design, implement, deploy, and sustain technology-enabled EHS business processes.

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