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Trinity is a leader in air quality compliance and consulting services throughout the United States. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the solid waste industry (and related source types), recycling facilities (and equipment), applicable State and Federal regulations, State environmental Departments throughout the country, and the  United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA). Trinity prepares hundreds of air quality compliance reports (NSPS, SSM, annual compliance certification, deviation reports, GHG reports, and emission statements) for landfills and industrial facilities across the United States on an annual basis. Trinity is also recognized by waste industry leaders for our detailed air permitting strategies, advanced air permit skills (and quality applications) and air dispersion modeling in support of applications, risk analysis, and enforcement proceedings. Please contact one of our industry experts for help with your solid waste questions.

Core Skills

Some of our core industry skills are listed below. 

  • Landfill Air Permitting
    • Minor Sources, Title V facilities, Synthetic Minors, and NSR/PSD permits
    • Landfill Expansions, New Flares, Gas-to-energy facilities (engines and turbines), High BTU Facilities, concentrators/evaporators, gas treatment systems (including sulfur treatment, siloxane removal, etc.)
  • Transfer Station Air Permitting in NJ (and other applicable States)
  • Food / Organic Waste Processing Air Permits (including Digesters)
  • Material Recovery Facility (MRF) Air Permitting
    • Shredders
    • Non-Ferrous Metal Processing/Sorting
    • Glass Crushing
    • Other Sorting/Bailing Recyclable Operations
  • Regulatory Agency Interaction/Negotiations
    • Odor Enforcement
    • NSR Violations
    • NSPS WWW / NESHAP AAAA / NSPS XXX / Title V Deviations
    • Air Permitting
    • Regulatory Interpretation
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
    • Toxics/HAP Modeling (e.g., Formaldehyde from engines, hydrogen sulfide from landfill, flare emissions, etc.)
    • NAAQS Modeling (in support of PSD applications and otherwise)
  • Annual and Semi-Annual reporting
    • Title V Deviation Reporting
    • Annual Compliance Certifications
    • NSPS Semi-Annual Reports
    • NESHAP SSM Reports
    • Emission Inventories / Statements
    • Mandatory GHG Reporting Rule
    • NSPS NMOC Reports
  • State and Federal Regulatory Applicability Reviews / Analysis
  • Odor Surveys and Evaluations
  • Ozone Depleting Substance Regulatory Surveys / Support
  • Ambient Air Monitoring (e.g., hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, etc.)
  • Flare, Engine, and Turbine Stack Test Coordination and Review
  • Emission Quantification
    • Gas Generation Modeling
    • Flare emission determinations
    • Fugitive emission determinations
    • Emission estimations for other industry related operations, including:
      • solidification 
      • cell construction 
      • waste tipping 
      • concentrators/evaporators
      • engines, turbines, etc.

Upcoming Training Courses 

Trinity Consultants has been committed to providing superior professional training in environmental topics. Here is a list of classroom training courses we offer that you might find useful: