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  • Trinity Consultants Acquires QSEM Solutions  - 

    Trinity Consultants, Inc.® (Trinity), an international environmental, health, and safety (EHS) consulting firm that specializes in industrial air quality issues, announces that it has acquired QSEM Solutions (QSEM). QSEM is an environmental »

  • Trinity Adds More Muscle in Houston with Argent Consulting Services ACS  - 

    Trinity Consultants recently acquired Argent Consulting Services (ACS) of Houston, Texas. ACS is a consulting firm with a focus on air quality, process safety management (PSM), and EHS information management. ACS was founded in 1993 and led by »

  • Tank Experts Rob Ferry and Randy Kissell Join Trinity  - 

    Trinity Consultants recently announced the acquisition of TGB Partnership including co-founders Robert L. (Rob) Ferry and J. Randolph (Randy) Kissell, structural engineers who are renowned experts on atmosphere storage tanks and aluminum structures. »

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