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Litigation Support

Trinity Consulting Services: Litigation Support

When environmental and industrial safety issues become litigious, our senior staff work with clients' legal counsel to provide the appropriate support.  Our senior staff are familiar with and experienced in discovery, deposition, settlement, and trial proceedings.  Trinity's experienced environmental litigation support group assists legal counsel in several ways: 

  • Regulatory interpretation - We provide practical and historical interpretation of regulations as various regulatory authorities implement them. Our extensive historical environmental regulatory library is without parallel.
  • Technical support - We perform the technical analyses and provide scientific evidence necessary to evaluate the merits of a case. 
  • Expert testimony - We provide expert testimony on a host of environmental and safety-related issues.  Trinity staff have assisted legal counsel in litigation support as both Consulting and Testifying Experts.  In one or both roles, Trinity staff have provided expert opinions on a wide range of matters, including:
    • Air dispersion modeling, including gaseous dispersion and particle deposition analyses
    • Emissions quantification, including forensic emission inventories going back nearly 100 years
    • Emissions and air quality measurement, and associated data interpretation and trend analysis, including forensic speciation analysis of complex mixtures of pollutants from a number of sources and various environmental media
    • Regulatory interpretation of complex programs including state and federal permit programs (Nonattainment New Source Review, Prevention of Significant Deterioration and Title V)
    • Administrative variance and enforcement proceedings
    • Licensing, permitting, and certification proceedings before local, state and federal regulatory agencies
    • Product liability and patent litigation
    • Litigation alleging harm to individuals and/or property (toxic tort litigation)
  • Consulting expertise - We render legal advice to parties involved in environmental litigation.  As a Consulting Expert, Trinity senior staff work closely alongside legal counsel, assisting with strategic advice and testifying experts, reviewing draft discovery materials briefs, and draft expert reports, evaluating settlement proposals and options, and preparing the testifying team for deposition and trial. 
  • Counsel and witness training - We provide training to attorneys faced with unfamiliar technical issues, and to testifying witnesses from the perspective of a scientific witness operating in a contentious legal environment. 

Do you need litigation support? Trinity can help!

Trinity Consultants has a team of litigation support experts who can assist you.   

For assistance, contact one of our experts listed above or your local Trinity office at (800) 229-6655.